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VT : 18-2660-INV

  • Electric Vehicle Charging and Infrastructure
  • Electric Vehicles (Non-Infrastructure)
Status: Inactive
    No filings in the last 90 days

  • Latest Filing:

    11 Aug 2020
  • Opened:

    09 Jul 2018

Electric Vehicles Investigation

Investigation into promoting the ownership and use of electric vehicles in the State of Vermont

  • Major Parties:

    Vermont Department of Public Service [PART], James Porter, Alexander Wing, Barton Village Inc. Electric Department [PART], Evan Riordan, Green Mountain Power Corporation [PART], Carolyn Browne Anderson, Mari McClure, Swanton Village, Inc. Electric Department [PART], Reginald Beliveau, Town of Hardwick Electric Department [PART], Michael Sullivan, Jessica Patterson, Elijah D Emerson, Town of Northfield Electric Department [PART], Elijah D Emerson, Jeffrey Schulz, Town of Stowe Electric Department [PART], Ellen Burt, Jeremy D. Hoff, Stackpole & French [REP], Vermont Electric Cooperative Inc. [PART], Victoria J. Brown, Rebecca Towne, Vermont Public Power Supply Authority [PART], Ken Nolan, Steven R Farman, Vermont Public Interest Research Group [PART], Ben Walsh, Village of Enosburg Falls Water & Light Department Inc. [PART], Elijah D Emerson, Jonathan Elwell, Village of Hyde Park Electric Department [PART], Carol Robertson, Village of Jacksonville Electric Company [PART], Pamela Moore, Village of Johnson Water & Light Department [PART], Elijah D Emerson, Marla Emery, Village of Ludlow Electric Light Department [PART], James V. Pallotta, Village of Lyndonville Electric Department [PART], Bill Humphrey, Village of Morrisville Water & Light Department [PART], Penny Jones, Village of Orleans Electric Department [PART], John Morley, Washington Electric Cooperative Inc. [PART], Patricia Richards, Ronald A. Shems, William Powell, City of Burlington Electric Department [PART], James Gibbons, William F. Ellis, Darren Springer, Conservation Law Foundation [PART], Dale Azaria, Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association (VADA) [PART], Drive Electric Vermont [PART], David Roberts, Efficiency Vermont - Vermont Energy Investment Corporation [PART], David C. Westman, Matthew J. Walker, Vermont Agency of Transportation [PART], Daniel Dutcher, [REP], Jenny Ronis, [REP], Vermont Agency of Natural Resources [PART], William Coster, Auto Alliance (Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers) [PART], Mitch Bainwol, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission [PART], Charlie Baker, Emily Nosse-Leirer, Zicconi, John [PART], Greenlots [PART], Thomas Ashley, Greenlots [REP], Erick Karlen, Greenlots [REP], ChargePoint, Inc. [PART], Kevin George Miller, Siemens [PART], Chris King, Siemens [REP], Bonnie Datta, Siemens [REP], Vermont Fuel Dealers Association [PART], Matt Cota, Renewable Energy Vermont [PART], Olivia Andersen, ISO New England Inc. [PART], Molly Connors, Vermont Natural Resources Council [PART], Johanna Miller, VEPP Inc. [PART], Carolyn M.X. Alderman, Sierra Club [PART], Nathaniel Shoaff, Tesla Energy [PART], Carine Dumit, Tesla [REP], National Consumer Law Center [PART], Jennifer Bosco, FLO Services USA, Inc. [PART], Travis Allan, The Regulatory Assistance Project [PART], Joni Sliger, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi [PART], Brian Zelis, Nissan-USA [REP], General Motors [PART], Britta Gross, General Motors [REP], Union of Concerned Scientists [PART], Dan Gatti, Plug In America [PART], Pete O'Connor, Plug in America [REP], Advanced Energy Economy [PART], Matthew Stanberry, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets [PART], Alison Milbury Stone, Alliance for Transportation Electrification [PART], Michael Krauthamer, Gill, Jock [PUBCOM], Smith, Roland [PUBCOM], Earle, Ted [PUBCOM], Post, Willem [PUBCOM], Sierra Club [PUBCOM], Nathaniel Shoaff, Sierra Club Environmental Law Program [PUBCOMREP], Vermont Electric Cooperative Inc. [PUBCOM], Victoria J. Brown, Esq., Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc. [PUBCOMREP], Greenlots [PUBCOM], Thomas Ashley, Thomas Ashley [PUBCOMREP], Plug In America [PUBCOM], Pete O'Connor, Plug In America [PUBCOMREP], ChargePoint, Inc. [PUBCOM], Kevin George Miller, ChargePoint [PUBCOMREP], Advanced Energy Economy [PUBCOM], Matthew Stanberry, Advanced Energy Economy [PUBCOMREP], Siemens [PUBCOM], Bonnie Datta, Siemens [PUBCOMREP], Green Mountain Power Corporation [PUBCOM], Carolyn Browne Anderson, Esq., Green Mountain Power Corporation [PUBCOMREP], and Stephenson, Bradley [PUBCOM]
  • Docket Type:

    Regulatory - Investigation
  • Official Status:

Source - Original Docket Listing Page

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