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Stay informed about key policy developments across the country


Identify and manage energy policy risks


Build your policy strategy on top of advanced machine and human insights
State Profiles
  • State policy overview, commissioner and energy committee profiles, utility and energy data
National Policy Newsletters
  • Legislative and regulatory analysis on state and federal topics from across the country
  • Sent bi-weekly to your inbox
Data for all 50 States and Federal
  • Every state legislature and US Congress
  • Every state PUC and FERC
  • Export any search result to a spreadsheet
Policy Discovery & Evaluation Platform
  • Advanced search
  • Real-time tracking of existing policy
  • Real-time customizable notifications for new policy
  • Team collaboration tools
  • AEE Insights – expert analysis and action updates
  • Community Insights – discover “trending” policy
Personalized Onboarding
  • 60 min personalized onboarding meeting with your team
AEE Predictive Analytics
  • Real-time bill enactment forecasts
  • Additional machine learning based insights
Tailored Support & Customized Data Exports
  • Schedule up to 1 hour/month of 1x1 technical support
  • Contact our team to request customized data exports
Whiteglove Account Setup
  • Our expert staff will setup personalized “favorites”, customized searches, and reports just for you
Optional (add’l fee)
Custom integrations (PowerSuite API) Optional (add’l fee)
Support Email & Community Phone, Email, & Community