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VT : 17-3142-PET

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Utility Business Model Reforms
Status: Inactive
    No filings in the last 90 days

  • Latest Filing:

    23 Jul 2018
  • Opened:

    10 Apr 2017

Dps/Workshop-Utility Rates

Vermont Department of Public Service Request for Workshop on Utility Rate Regulation

  • Major Parties:

    Vermont Department of Public Service [PET], Director of Public Advocacy, Daniel C. Burke, Garden, Thomas T. [PART], Zimmerman, John [PART], Westman, David C. [PART], Levine, Sandra Esq. [PART], Brown, Victoria J. Esq. [PART], Orost, Katie [PART], Williams, Tucker [PART], Einhorn, Donald J. Esq. [PART], Nolan, Ken [PART], Bailey, Melissa [PART], Allen, Riley [PART], Winn, Brian E. [PART], McNamara, Edward [PART], Flint, Carol [PART], White, Joanna [PART], Foley, Sean [PART], Peterson, Christine [PART], Paruch, Susan [PART], Bray, Senator Christopher [PART], Taormina, Philene [PART], Kohler, Elizabeth Esq. [PART], Malmquist, Nancy Esq. [PART], Leckey, Joshua [PART], Silver, Morris L. Esq. [PART], Whitaker, Stephen [PART], Richards, Patricia [PART], Sciarrotta, S Mark [PART], Galvin, Toben [PART], Casella, Morgan [PART], Klaski, Andy [PART], Connors, Molly [PART], Campbell, Don [PART], Sagui, Pat [PART], Smith, Annette [PART], Simollardes, Eileen [PART], O'Grady, Elaine Bueschen [PART], Brabant, John [PART], Weston, Frederick [PART], Andersen, Olivia [PART], Anderson, Carolyn Browne Esq. [PART], Sunrun Inc. [PUBCOM], Chris Rauscher, [PUBCOMREP], Washington Electric Cooperative Inc. [PUBCOM], Patricia Richards, Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc. [PUBCOMREP], and Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc. [PUBCOM], S Mark Sciarrotta, Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc. [PUBCOMREP]
  • Docket Type:

    Regulatory - Petition
  • Official Status:

Source - Original Docket Listing Page

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Filings for VT: 17-3142-PET

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