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IN : 45159-NONE

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  • Latest Filing:

    13 May 2022
  • Opened:

    31 Oct 2018

Petition Of Northern Indiana Public Service Company Llc Pursuant To Ind. Code §§ 8‐1‐2‐42.7, 8‐1‐2‐61 And, Ind. Code § 8‐1‐2.5‐6 For (1) Authority To Modify Its Rates And Charges For Electric Utility Service Through A Phase In Of Rates; (2) Approval Of New Schedules Of Rates And Charges, General Rules And Regulations, And Riders; (3) Approval Of Revised Common And Electric Depreciation Rates Applicable To Its Electric Plant In Service; (4) Approval Of Necessary And Appropriate Accounting Relief; And (5) Approval Of A New Service Structure For Industrial Rates.

  • Regulated Service:

  • Major Parties:

    Wal-Mart Stores East, LP, United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufact, Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, LaPorte County Board of Commissioners, Northern Indiana Public Service Co. - Electric, Indiana Coal Council, Inc., Peabody COALSALES, LLC, IN Coalition for Affordable & Reliable Electricity, United Steel Workers Association, NLMK, Indiana, NIPSCO Industrial Group, Sierra Club, Hoosier Chapter, Indiana Municipal Utilities Group, Dennis Rackers, Citizens Action Coalition Of Indiana, United States Steel Corporation, and Modern Forge Indiana, LLC
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