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HI : 2018-0088

  • Tax Exemption
  • Utility Business Model Reforms
Status: Active
    New filing added 6 days ago

  • Latest Filing:

    18 Sep 2020
  • Opened:

    18 Apr 2018

Instituting A Proceeding To Investigate Performance-Based Regulation.

  • Regulated Service:

  • Major Parties:

    City and County of Honolulu, County of Hawaii, Advanced Energy Economy Institute, Blue Planet Foundation, Ulupono Initiative LLC, Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc., Hawaii Solar Energy Association, Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii, Maui Electric Company, Limited, Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Hawaii PV Coalition, Division of Consumer Advocacy, Public Utilities Commission, and Life of the Land
  • Docket Type:

  • Official Status:

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