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FL : 20160186

  • Electric Vehicle Charging and Infrastructure
  • Fixed Charges
  • Rate Case
Status: Active
    New filing added 37 days ago

  • Latest Filing:

    27 Jan 2021
  • Opened:

    01 Apr 2016

Petition For Rate Increase By Gulf Power Company.

  • Major Parties:

    Law Office of Lane Johnson, Beggs Law Firm, League of Women Voters of Florida, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Office of Public Counsel, Sierra Club, Wal-Mart Stores East, LP and Sam's East, Inc., Florida Industrial Power Users Group, Federal Executive Agencies, Gardner Law Firm, Gulf Power Company, and Earthjustice
  • Assignees:

    Andrew Maurey, Division of Accounting & Finance, Cheryl Bulecza-Banks, Division of Accounting & Finance, Curtis Mouring, Division of Accounting & Finance, Dale Buys, Division of Accounting & Finance, Gary Smith II, Division of Accounting & Finance, Mark Cicchetti, Division of Accounting & Finance, Matthew Vogel, Division of Accounting & Finance, Michael Barrett, Division of Accounting & Finance, Stephen Fletcher, Division of Accounting & Finance, Todd Brown, Division of Accounting & Finance, Devlin Higgins, Division of Economics, Elisabeth Draper, Division of Economics, Jenny Wu, Division of Economics, Sevini Guffey, Division of Economics, William Coston, Division of Economics, William McNulty, Division of Economics, Emily Knoblauch, Division of Engineering, Laura King, Division of Engineering, Moniaishi Mtenga, Division of Engineering, Orlando Wooten, Division of Engineering, Penelope Buys, Division of Engineering, Phillip Ellis, Division of Engineering, Robert Graves, Division of Engineering, Takira Thompson, Division of Engineering, and Theresa Tan, Office of the General Counsel
  • Official Status:

Source - Original Docket

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