WV : NOIE AEP WV Transco 13B

Status: Inactive
    No filings in the last 90 days

  • Latest Filing:

    09 Aug 2013
  • Opened:

    19 Jun 2013
  • Closed:

    19 Jun 2013

Aep West Virginia Transmission Company, Inc.

Notice of intent to file an application for a certificate of convenience and necessity for a number of transmission-related projects mandated by PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. in connection with the planned retirement of various coal-fired generating units- WV Transco will file an application (1) to install a 765 kV/345 kV transformer at the Mountaineer Station; (2) to construct approximately one mile of 345 kV transformer lead (all on property of Appalachian Power Company (“APCo”)) between the Mountaineer 765 kV Yard and the Sporn 345 kV Yard; (3) to install multiple circuit breakers at the Mountaineer and Spom Stations, (4) and to replace other associated circuit breakers. WV Transco will file an application to construct certain projects related to the Kammer Station of APCo: (1) to rebuild the Brues-Sand Hill 138kV line; (2) to rebuild the 138 kV yard at Natrium; (3) to reconfigure the 138 kV layout at Brues; and (4) to add four 765 kV circuit breakers at Kammer and install and replace Phase 1 of the 765/345 kV transformer at Kammer. WV Transco will file an application to construct transmission facilities and to serve a new facility of an existing customer of Wheeling Power Company, Markwest Energy in Majorsville, WV, specifically: (1) to install circuit breakers at the Warton Hill substation; (2) to extend by approximately 0.2 miles the existing 138 kV line to a new switch station, which will be known as Calis Switch Station; and (3) to construct the Calis Switch Station.

  • Major Parties:

    AEP West Virginia Transmission Company, Inc.
  • Assignees:

    Auville, John/Legal
  • Official Status:

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