IN : 44403-TDSIC 2

Status: Inactive
    No filings in the last 90 days

  • Latest Filing:

    23 Aug 2016
  • Opened:

    27 Feb 2015

Verified Petition Of Northern Indiana Public Service Company For (1) Approval Of An Adjustment To Its Gas Service Rates Through Its Transmission, Distribution, And Storage System Improvement Charge ("Tdsic") Rate Schedule; (2) Authority To Defer 20% Of The Approved Capital Expenditures And Tdsic Costs For Recovery In Petitioner's Next General Rate Case; And (3) Approval Of Petitioner's Updated 7-Year Gas Plan, Including Actual And Proposed Estimated Capital Expenditures And Tdsic Costs That Exceed The Approved Amounts, All Pursuant To Ind. Code Ch. 8-1-39 And The Commission's Orders In Cause Nos. 44403 And 44403-Tdsic-1.

  • Regulated Service:

    Natural Gas
  • Major Parties:

    Northern Indiana Public Service Co. - Gas, NIPSCO Industrial Group, and United States Steel Corporation
  • Assignees:

    LORAINE SEYFRIED/Advisory/ALJ and ANGELA WEBER/Commissioners
  • Docket Type:

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