IN : 44331-NONE

Status: Inactive
    No filings in the last 90 days

  • Latest Filing:

    06 Mar 2015
  • Opened:

    11 Apr 2013

Verified Petition Of Indiana Michigan Power Company ("I&M"), An Indiana Corporation, For Approval Of Clean Coal And Energy Projects And Qualified Pollution Control Property And For Issuance Of A Certificate Of Public Convenience And Necessity For Use Of Clean Coal Technology ("Projects"); For Ongoing Review; For Approval Of The Timely Recovery Of Costs Incurred During Construction And Operation Of Such Projects Through I&M's Clean Coal Technology Rider; For Approval Of Depreciation Proposal For Such Projects; For Authority To Defer Costs Incurred During Construction And Operation, Including Carrying Costs, Depreciation, And Operation And Maintenance Costs, Until Such Costs Are Reflected In The Clean Coal Technology Rider, For Approval Of Cost Recovery Of Costs Incurred For Rockport Environmental Project, All Pursuant To Ind. Code ยงยง 8-1-2-6.1, 8-1-2-6.7, 8-1-2-6.8, 8-1-2-42(A), 8-1-8.4-6, 8-1-8.4-7,8-1-8.7,8-1-8.8, And 170 Iac 4-6-1 Et Seq.

  • Regulated Service:

  • Major Parties:

    Indiana Michigan Power Company and Indiana Michigan Industrial Group
  • Assignees:

    JEFFERY EARL/Advisory/ALJ, DALE THOMAS/Advisory/Electricity, GEORGE STEVENS/Advisory/Electricity, MICHAEL GALLAGHER/Advisory/Electricity, RICH BRUNT/Advisory Team Leader/Electricity, and KARI BENNETT/Commissioners
  • Docket Type:

    Certificate of Need
  • Official Status:

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