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IL : 16-NOI-01

  • Utility Business Model Reforms
Status: Inactive
    No filings in the last 90 days

  • Latest Filing:

    22 Dec 2017
  • Opened:

    10 Feb 2016

Regulatory Treatment Of Cloud-Based Solutions

As innovation becomes increasingly necessary for grid modernization, the Commission is interested in determining whether utility investment in cloud computing is prudent and whether leveling the playing field between cloud and on-premise solutions would encourage utilities to make the most cost-effective investments. As described in detail in Section IV, below, the Commission is interested in: 1) comparing cloud services with on-premise IT systems, looking at respective cost, reliability, and security; 2) examining the regulatory accounting treatment of cloud services and discerning whether there are additional regulatory barriers that hinder the adoption of cloud services; and 3) exploring whether additional benefits would accrue from deployment of cloud-based solutions to utilities, customers, the grid, and the environment. Accordingly, the Commission initiates this Notice of Inquiry (ÒNOIÓ) as a vehicle for gathering information and opinions that may form the basis for action by the Commission on these matters.

  • Regulated Service:

  • Assignees:

  • Docket Type:

    Notice of Inquiry 2016
  • Official Status:

Source - Original Docket

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